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Colours, cloth and cut are needed for a garment; wire, beads and findings for a piece of jewellery. I will add creativity, over 30 years of experience and engineering skills to my "Box of Tricks". As a result you can choose from Image Consultation, bespoke dressmaking, jewellery and accessories to suit your shape and style.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Together we can create something special to suit your style, your shape, your age and your budget.


Occasion wear, casual wear, re-fashioning of garments, copy cuts from your favourites name only a few of the dressmaking services that Fashion Fantasies offer you.


Jewellery will be designed to your requirements, to match an outfit, existing pieces or just because…

Fashion Fantasies also re-designs jewellery in case you want to reuse elements of heirlooms or existing pieces.


An outfit is only complete with matching accessories like handbags, scarves and fascinators.

Image Consultation

Looking great in what you wear is influenced by the colours and the cut of your garments and accessories. Learn more about how to look your best.


The right choice of fabric has a big influence on a garment. Some samples from my fabric stash might give you ideas about options.

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