Wardrobe Detox and Personal Shopper

Do you really need all those clothes -

Do you wear them often enough?


Think about a Wardrobe Detox!


You don’t have to bin your whole wardrobe – a wardrobe detox is ideal to evaluate your current clothes, a small alteration or some new accessories could give your favourite pieces a fresh look and new lease of life. Sorting through your wardrobe will free up space and can be quite liberating.

I offer alterations and would be at hand to design accessories matching your garments.


After a consultation you will be able to go shopping and focus on your best garments, it will save you time and expensive mistakes to create a co-ordinated wardrobe. I want you to be happy and more confident with your appearance and body.


If you cannot find it in a shop or online –
I can design outfits to flatter your shape and style

Feeling lost when faced with new trends and colours?

Is shopping an absolute nightmare for you?


Personal Shopper Service is the answer


A good preparation will take the stress out of shopping and you can regain the enjoyment of clothes shopping.


I will accompany you on fashion shopping trips to assist putting your acquired knowledge into practice. Benefit of my objective and unbiased set of eyes when you explore trends and re-build your capsule wardrobe.

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