Style Consultation

May I help you look current, stylish and attractive?


Style is not what current fashion defines but how you express your personality through your clothes whilst keeping an eye on trends.

You recall the occasion when you felt your best, on top of the world, able to achieve just about anything? Strong, sexy, calm, collected … just great as a whole package


Well, you can feel like that every day no matter what you do and where you are heading.


What to expect at a style consultation with me:

  • Learn to combine garments into versatile outfits which will work for different occasions, moods and seasons.
  • Create your most flattering outfits to emphasise your assets and your shape.
  • You will define how people see you - learn how to draw the eye away from the areas you aren’t quite content with.
  • Want to lose some weight without hitting the gym or squeezing into uncomfortable shapewear? Wearing the right styles for your body shape can take weight of your appearance – we address this in our consultation
  • Understand how to reflect your preferences, lifestyle and personality in your appearance.


Get in touch with me - either via my contact form or give me a call (07533 300086)

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