A Personal Consultation is Important

If you want something special - either be a garment or jewellery - it should suit your requirements and ideas. So getting together to discuss your ideas is most important for me to find out what you are looking for.


How does it work? A brief process description might help...

  1. Before we meet in person I will give you a call to discuss some general ideas such as what you are looking for and the occasion for which you require a bespoke garment or jewellery.
  2. This gives me the opportunity to bring along some samples and ideas to discuss when we meet in person.
  3. During the consultation meeting we will discuss different trends and options to best suit your requirements and your personality.
  4. Following a consultation you will receive an estimate to detail the services I will provide. In addition I will give a rough material estimate. However depending on your choice of material the final cost might differ from my first estimate.
  5. An non-refundable initial down-payment of 20% of my services is required at this stage.
  6. During our next meeting I will take your measurements to ensure the correct fit of your chosen garment or jewellery.
  7. If it is a garment you are looking for
    • We browse through some samples I bring along
    • I can advise on material and suppliers and will help with selecting the most suitable fabrics and haberdashery.
    • I can help with purchasing material if required
  8. If it is jewellery you are looking for
    • We browse through some samples I will provide
    • We discuss your requirements concerning crystals and their suitability for you
    • I am happy to purchase all material as per our specification
  9. I will take all the findings from our meeting(s) and work out a proposal so you can see what we have discussed. Depending on your project you will receive either photos or sketches to illustrate the bespoke product. I will also update the material estimate and make any adjustments to my quote - depending on deviations from our initial discussion.
  10. You decide which proposal works for you and we go ahead with it.
  11. If you decide to cancel your order after material has been supplied I kindly need to ask for full payment of material cost incurred including any labour up to that point.
  12. Following another meeting for a fitting and final discussion I will finalise your garment / jewellery. In case your measurements have changed, thus resulting in additional adjustments, those cost will be added to my estimate.
  13. Your bespoke garment or jewellery will be delivered via your preferred delivery method upon receipt of payment (80% of my initial quote plus material cost and P&P)

If you need any help - please use my contact form or give me a call - 07533 300086

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