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I love working with people and helping women to feel good about themselves is so rewarding. I enjoy seeing their confidence improve during a consultation. There are so many ways to boost your self-perception and none of them have to be complex, excessively expensive or complicated to achieve.


In my early teens I was often frustrated by clothes that just didn't fit my style, my shape, my age or my budget. I started designing my clothes and artisan jewellery and haven't stopped ever since. Having held various marketing positions in major organisations, I learnt a lot about personal presentation and the importance of individual style to “convey your message”. Colour and style consultation was a natural addition to my box of tricks and my clients can pick and choose from a variety of services. I love accompanying my clients on a journey from “unsure about myself” to “confident in my appearance”.


When I started my Image Consultation training I had to re-think my colours as some of them just didn’t work for me. So I moved from cool “Winter” tones to warm “Autumn” shades. They suit my complexion much better and allow me – not the colour – to take centre stage. Given that I design most of my clothes and jewellery I can combine my best Autumn colours with the feminine and dramatic outfits that I so adore.


Your consultation with me will be an enjoyable experience in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. You will benefit from my objective and unbiased set of eyes during a consultation, personal shopping experience or wardrobe detox session, there will no hidden sales pitch - I am an independent Image Consultant. Your personality is the centre of my confidential and personal service. During your consultation you will acquire a life-long knowledge that will save you time, stress and money. We will create a maximum wear wardrobe that makes you look great, self-assured in your appearance and will ensure you compliments along the way.


I would be delighted to design new garments for you which reflect your personal style and work great for your shape. I also create jewellery and individual accessories to complement your look.


This website can only offer a glimpse of the services I provide. Please get in touch with me for an informal, no obligation conversation to learn more about what we can achieve together. I am confident that we can make you feel your best.


I hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon!


If you need any help - please use my contact form or give me a call - 07533 300086

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